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       Zhuhai GeLongBo Metal Technologies Co.,Ltd.,China

    The Company has evolved from the consolidation of two companies: American steel Wool Manufacturing Company, founded in 1896, the first steel wool company in the United States, which was operated by the founding family until being acquired in 1977 by ACT 2 Companies of Worcester, Mass. and The James H.Rhodes Company, founded in 1898 and acquired from Beatrice Foods in 1979. A brief description of the present business is provided below: American Steel Wool Manufacturing Company was the first steel wool company in the United States. American Steel Wool was established in 1896 in Long Island City, N.Y. and subsequently consolidated in Chicago in 1980. Without interruption for almost a century, the Company has continued to produce and package steel wool pads and other steel wool products. The Rhodes company was founded in 1898 as a chemical manufacturer. Rhodes first began producting steel wool products in 1920.Over its more than 70 years of production, Rhodes has developed a unique range of specialty products for the industrial and automotive markets in addition to its substantial sales base to distributors, mass merchants, discount stores and feeders.

    Today, the combined company, GMT, sells its consumer products to Homax Products under an exclusive supply agreement. Additionally, the company does a substantial amount of business with automotive suppliers including air bag manufacturers and friction material companies. On the retail level, our products are sold to most hardware and paint chains throughout the United States, mass merchandisers, supermarkets and drug chains.

    Zhuhai GeLongBo Metal Technologies Co.,Ltd., an extension of GMT group in China, was founded in May, 2003. We manufacture non-ferrous metal wool and fibers, concrete reinforcement fibers, and soap pads. Through GMT marketing channel, we have successfully sold our products to many parts of the world.


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